Staging Flat, Tiered & Semi-circular staging

Flat, Tiered & Semi-circular staging

OTP's LiteDeck staging offers a versatile staging system with almost limitless options for shape, colour and coverings to visually enhance your performance area or to provide specific surface requirements such as dance matting.

Structures are constructed using specialised LiteStructure leg couplers and built to industry regulations with appropriate cross-bracing and handrail where necessary.

Varying levels of tiering can be integrated into the stage design; with stages and media platforms constructed over uneven or sloping ground, or even over water.

Located in Wallingford, between Oxford, Reading, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Newbury and Swindon, OTP provides stages & staging hire across Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire as well as into Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire and east along the Thames Valley M4 corridor into London.

OTP also holds a large stock of LiteDeck staging and accessories available for dry hire.
  • Catwalk for Oxford Fashion WeekFlat staging:
    1/10: Catwalk for Oxford Fashion Week venue
  • Tiered LiteDeck staging with steps.Tiered LiteDeck staging with steps:
    2/10: OTP Demonstration set
  • Zumbathon stage with PAFlat staging:
    3/10: LiteDeck stage with handrail for Zumbathon event
  • Combined viewing platform & media platform for Olympic Torch Relay event.Combined viewing platform & media platform:
    4/10: Olympic Torch Relay event
  • Outdoor performance stage.LiteDeck staging:
    5/10: Outdoor performance stage
  • Small stage with riser.LiteDeck staging:
    6/10: Small band stage with 8' x 8' drum riser
  • Tiered LiteDeck staging under MR1 canopy.Tiered LiteDeck staging:
    7/10: Tiered stage over water for Sunningwell Festival
  • Tiered LiteDeck staging under MR1 canopy.LiteDeck staging:
    8/10: Temporary railway platform for CPRR
  • Tiered semi-circular LiteDeck with custom components.Semi-circular, tiered stage:
    9/10: LiteDeck with custom components, steps & handrail.
  • LiteDeck staging.LiteDeck staging:
    10/10: Stage within Saddlespan for ballet performance.
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