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Dry hire Terms of Business

Dry Hire Terms of Business

Version 20.1

1. Definitions

  1. Dry hire: the hire of our equipment with no technical crew. The hirer assumes all responsibility for the care, proper use, operation and all-risks insurance of the equipment during the period of hire.
  2. OTP: Origin Technical Productions.
  3. Payment: confirmed receipt of cleared funds.
  4. Period of Hire: the time the equipment is collected from OTP by the hirer or delivered to or installed or setup by OTP in the venue until the equipment is collected from the venue by OTP or returned to OTP by the hirer.

2. Availability

All dry hire equipment is available on a first-come-first-served basis and we would encourage customers to book as early as possible to provide the best chance of obtaining the desired specification of equipment.

3. Equipment Reservation

Equipment will not be reserved unless a booking confirmation has been received.
Debit cards, credit cards or items of personal property are not acceptable in lieu of deposits or security.

4. Confirmation of Booking

Booking is only confirmed (and equipment reserved) upon receipt by OTP of the following:
  1. Hirer's name and authority
  2. Hirer organisation or event name
  3. Hirer's address
  4. Hirer's contact & invoicing details, including landline, mobile and email
  5. Venue address or tour details
  6. Dates and duration of hire
  7. Collection / delivery / return details
  8. Payment of a non-refundable booking confirmation deposit representing no less than 25% of the full hire charge including VAT at the prevailing rate. OTP reserves the right to vary this amount subject to the particular specifications and requirements of any individual hire

5. Payment terms

Full cash payment or cleared funds equal to the total hire charge inclusive of VAT and any additional charges must be received prior to delivery or release of any equipment booked for hire.

6. Payment methods

Payment may be made by the following methods:
  1. Cash
  2. Cheque
  3. Bank transfer
  4. Trade account
  5. Debit or Credit card
The following specific terms apply:
  1. Cash:
    • Cash payments are only acceptable for gross order values below £1000.00
    • A refundable cash deposit equal to the equipment value may be requested
  2. Cheques:
    • Cheque payments must be cleared funds before any equipment is released
    • Cheques are not acceptable as security deposits
  3. Bank transfers:
    • Bank transfer payments must be cleared funds before any equipment is released
  4. Trade accounts:
    • Trade accounts may be applied for and operate on a strict 28 day net basis
    • Additional Terms and Conditions apply
  5. Debit and credit cards:
    • Debit and credit card payments up to a value of £500.00 without transaction fees
    • Payments over £500.00 will be subject to a 5% transaction fee

7. Substitutes and Upgrades

Origin Technical Productions reserves the right to substitute any piece of equipment with an equivalent of the same or higher specification.

8. Faulty equipment

Whilst all our equipment is routinely checked visually, electrically and mechanically prior to being supplied on hire, faults can occasionally arise afterwards; in transit or upon initial power-up, for example. In this instance, OTP will endeavour to replace the faulty items as swiftly as possible without additional charges either with an identical item or with a substitute with similar specification. Should this not be possible, hire charges applicable to the faulty item will be credited.

9. Damaged equipment

Any obvious external cosmetic and physical damage apparent on an item will be noted prior to hire and the hirer's attention will be drawn to existing damage.

New damage to equipment apparent on return from hire will be assessed and charged to the hirer accordingly.

10. Accessories and Spare Parts

  1. Lighting Fixtures
    • Where appropriate, all individual lighting fixtures are supplied with:
      • Fitted lamp and suitable spare (1 spare lamp per 5 identical fixtures)
      • Gel frame
      • Connecting cable with suitable plug fitting
      • Hook clamp
      • Suitable safety chain
  2. Where appropriate, spare fuses and lamps are supplied with equipment at the commencement of hire.
  3. It is a condition of hire that all failed / replaced items MUST be returned with the equipment at the end of the hire period. Failure to do so will result in used spares being charged as new items.

11. Competency and Indemnity

Origin Technical Productions assumes that any equipment on hire will be used or operated by a person competent to do so. The hirer shall assume full responsibility for ensuring that all and any equipment on hire from OTP is installed and operated in accordance with prevailing regulations including but not limited to Health and Safety; Electrical Safety; Lifting; and Working at Height.

The hirer is deemed to have agreed to indemnify OTP against any and all damages and consequential claims, losses, liabilities and legal costs arising from any accident or default involving equipment hired from OTP.

12. Insurance

Unless a separate insurance fee has been accepted and paid to OTP, whilst any piece of OTP equipment is in the care of the Hirer during the Period of Hire the Hirer shall be absolutely responsible for the safe-keeping, safe usage and insurance of the equipment against loss, damage and all risks to the extent of its full replacement cost.

In the case that a separate insurance has been accepted and paid, the hirer should still consider themselves responsible for the safe-keeping and safe usage of the hired equipment in order not to invalidate the terms of that insurance.

13. Deposit against lost and damaged equipment

OTP reserves the right to charge debit or credit card details held as deposit for recovery of cost of repair or replacement of hired equipment at manufacturer's list price.

14. Restrictions and Exceptions

  1. Right to refuse hire
    • Origin Technical Productions reserves the right to refuse hire without explanation
  2. Sub-hire
    • The hirer is strictly prohibited from sub-hiring any equipment on hire to them from OTP unless specific prior agreement has been obtained and confirmed in writing.
  3. Geographical location
    • Unless specified in writing prior to the commencement of the Hire Period, all equipment is supplied for use within the UK.
  4. Unacceptable risk
    • OTP reserves the right to demand return, or arrange collection of, all or any equipment on hire prior to the end of the Hire Period if it has reason to believe that either equipment or persons are at unacceptable risk.

15. Cancellation

Where cancellation is made within 24 hours of booked Period of Hire OTP reserves the right to make a late cancellation charge to cover the cost of equipment preparation.

Without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to OTP in the event of cancellation or an order by the hirer OTP reserves the right to make a cancellation charge as follows:
Cancellation before or at 8 days prior to Period of Hire – 25% of Total Hire Charges
Cancellation 7–2 days prior to Period of Hire – 50% of Total Hire Charges
Cancellation within 48 hours prior to Period of Hire – 100% of Total Hire Charges

16. Variation to Booking:

Additions to equipment bookings can usually be accommodated if advised prior to 1 clear working day before the Period of Hire.

Deletions to equipment on bookings are treated as cancellations and may incur a charge.

Changes to required dates after a confirmed booking may incur charges and may render equipment unavailable on revised dates.

17. Hire rates

Hire rates are currently displayed on the relevant pages of our website, exclusive of VAT.

We reserve the right to vary hire rates from time to time without notice. Quotations and bookings in place at the time of any variation of relevant hire rates are excepted.

18. Quotations

All quotations are valid for one month unless specifically stated on the original quotation document.

19. Refunds / Credits

Refunds and credits will be only be considered where failure of equipment can be shown to due to incorrect preparation or OTP has failed to supply the agreed equipment for the required Period of Hire.

20. Delivery, Collection & Return

Upon delivery to the hirer, or collection from OTP, the hirer is required to provide two proofs of identity with name and address shown. These must be original documents, not photocopies, and could be bank statements, driving licence, utility bills etc. If a driving licence is presented it must be both card and paper parts. With the exception of the driving licence, these identification forms should be dated within three months of presentation.

Customers may request delivery to and from site at extra charge.

Equipment will be be held for collection by customer until the end of the booked Period of Hire. We reserve the right to not actively monitor expected collections nor to prompt customers to collect equipment.

Equipment booked and held but not collected will be charged as though it had been hired for that period.

Equipment should be returned to OTP by midday the first working day following the Period of Hire. eg. For equipment hired for a Saturday night event, all equipment should be returned no later than 12.00 midday the following Monday.

Please note our hours of business as displayed on this website. Special out-of-hours arrangements may be requested but cannot be guaranteed.

21. Late returns

Late returns will be charged at full daily rate for each day or part day the equipment is returned late after the end of the agreed Hire Period.

22. Duty of Care

Hire customers are deemed to have undertaken a Duty of Care towards all and any equipment they have hired from OTP throughout the Period of Hire. OTP reasonably expects to receive all hire equipment back from the customer in a similar condition to when it was supplied for hire. The following courtesies should be noted:
  1. Cables:
    • Cables are supplied individually coiled and taped with PVC (electrical insulation) tape. Please return them in the same condition, coiled without twists, in a clean condition and taped using only PVC tape (other tapes leave sticky residue). Cables returned tangled, twisted, or unreasonably soiled or damaged may incur a servicing fee.
  2. Connectors:
    • Plugs, sockets or other forms of connector should not be replaced or removed from OTP equipment unless specific authorisation has been agreed or noted in writing by OTP. Connectors returned damaged or requiring rewiring may incur a servicing fee.
  3. Cases and Packaging:
    • Flight cases and other equipment packaging, wrappings and covers should all be returned in place and in the same condition as when supplied.
  4. Decking:
    • Decking should be returned in a clean condition with all tape and staples fully removed
    • Nails and screws should not be used on decking without prior permission
    • Decking should not be painted without prior permission

23. Cleaning and Servicing charges

Any piece of hire equipment returned to or collected by OTP in an unreasonable state of cleanliness or clearly demonstrating abuse may incur a servicing fee up to or in excess of the replacement cost of the equipment.

Such fees will be deducted from or charged against pre-authorised deposit amounts or charged to standing accounts.

24. Force Majeure

OTP cannot accept responsibility for events beyond its reasonable control which adversly affect the supply or delivery of the agreed hire or part thereof, including but not limited to rain, fog, snow, fire, flood, drought, earthquake, lightning or other act of God, pandemics, contractable diseases, civil disturbance, riot, act of terrorism, requisitioning, Government or Parliamentary restrictions, prohibition or enactment of any kind, import or export regulations, strike, lockout, trade dispute, difficulty in obtaining services or materials, breakdown or failure of machinery or tools, accidents, acts of civil or military authority, wars, and sabotage. In all such cases OTP shall be entitled to cancel or suspend the Agreement without incurring any liability for any loss or damage resulting therefrom and the customer shall remain responsible for the payment to OTP for equipment and services in full.

25. Governing Law and Arbitration

The Agreement and these conditions shall be construed in accordance with English Law and the parties herein submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts. All disputes which may arise in connection with the Agreement shall be submitted to an agreed arbitrator.

26. Variation and amendment to Terms

The Agreement is subject to these Conditions which supersede all previous communications representations and agreements whether written or oral and no aditions or alterations to these Conditions shall be binding on OTP unless agreed to in writing and signed by an authorised representative of OTP. Any terms and conditions proposed by the Hirer shall only apply if the same have been agreed by or on behalf of OTP in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph and in the case of any conflict between such terms and conditions and these Conditions the latter shall prevail.

OTP reserves the right to review, amend and append these Conditions from time to time without notice.

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